My Journey

J’sun Tyler is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, vocal coach, and aspired producer who is musically influenced by Gospel, Jazz, Meditation Music, Rhythm & Blues, and Neo Soul. He was raised in Sanford, Florida but now makes his home in Northern Virginia. J’sun’s unique genre of music is a seamless medley of various musical influences which he dubs “Meda-Soul”.

J’sun was born with a gift he was not aware of until he began accompanying his grandmother to clean the church they attended. J’sun was instinctively drawn to the piano. Without any prior lessons, he taught himself how to play with only the ability to hear what notes sounded good together and what notes did not. His grandmother saw such passion and dedication to learn in him that she allowed him to play while she cleaned. Her love and support were instrumental in fueling his desire to excel in this craft.

Soon thereafter J’sun turned to the drum. The church bought a drum set for him to play because at the age of five, he was playing beats on the church pew while the choir sang. It wasn’t long after that he picked up the organ, and later expanded his musical tastes to the bass and electric guitar. J’sun’s instrumental repertoire also include the trumpet, baritone, and tuba.

J’sun discovered that the music that poured from his soul had the ability to connect with people. Over time, he showcased his talent in multiple venues in Central Florida as a drummer, keyboardist, organist, bass player, and vocal coach. J’sun’s love for music and humble nature opened many doors for him which allowed him to share his talent with music enthusiasts nationwide.

Music is J’sun’s first love and he is intent on producing music that is “eargasmic” and makes the soul feel good! J’sun is excited to announce his debut single and album will be released later this year! So join his mailing list to be the first to receive all the latest news and updates about his debut album. You can also leave him a comment on this site, join his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.